Getting Started with our Silicone Molds


15 minutes (plus 1-3 hours curing time)

Required Products

One of our silicone molds (photos feature our 3" Tulip Silicone Planter Mold)

Tools and Materials

  • Silicone mold casting support (included with our molds)
  • Casting medium
  • Mixing container
  • Popsicle sticks or other mixing tool


    Once you have your mold, what do you do next? Here is a basic guide to help you get started.

    Step 1 Preparing your materials and supplies

    • Ensure that your mold is clean. You can gently wash your mold with soap and warm water.
    • Collect all your materials and lay out your mold — once you mix your medium, it can start to set quickly!
    • You can cast concrete, plaster, and resin.
    • We are using a cement based mix here.


    Step 2 Add any coloring to the liquid

    • We are using a pigment liquid here but find adding coloring before the medium makes the color even. 

    Step 3 Mixing your medium

    • Add your mix to liquid. Mix your casting medium according to the manufacturer recommendations. I like to add 50% and mix, then add the rest. 
    • Generally, a consistency similar to cake batter works best. Add water reducers when needed.


    Step 4 Pouring your cast

    • Place casting frame around mold.
    • Begin pouring your mixed medium into the mold
    • It can help to tap down the mold during the pouring process to help ensure there are no trapped bubbles.

    Step 5 Curing

    • Curing time is dependent on your mix. Many fast curing mixes will be ready to de-mold in 2 hours.
    • Your item will continue curing for several days
    • Optionally, to help prevent cracks and ensure consistent curing, you can wet cure your casting.

    Step 6 De-molding


    • Being de-molding by rolling up the bottom lip of the mold
    • Grip the mold and gently squeeze while rocking and pulling out of the inside of the cast

    Step 7 Sealing

    • Once you are satisfied with your cast, it's time to seal
    • Some options for sealing include:
      • Cutting board wax such as Clarks (Amazon)
      • Siloxane sealer such as Eco Advance (Amazon)

    Step 8 Using your cast


    • Your mold is ready for use as a planter, candle, or anything else you can imagine!
    • Note: if you're using your pot as a planter, your casting medium and choice of sealer can affect the soil pH. Some easy options include the use of a peat pot or other liner, or picking a sealer that creates a barrier.