What is a made-to-order?

All of our molds are made by hand daily in our San Antonio, Texas facility. We are a small operation and have limited production daily based on the number of master molds we have for any shape. At times our molds are not ready to ship next day, which means you are purchasing the future days production. We do this so that customers can get the quantity and sizes they need as soon as possible without having to "stalk" the website. Generally, we are able to ship made-to-order products within 2-5 business days but give an estimate of up to 15 business days. If a mold is sold out, it means our made-to-order requests going beyond 2-3 weeks and we are working on catching up and will be in-stock again soon.

If you want a more exact estimate, please reach out and we will do our best to let you know.