Seconds Sale



Every single mold is hand inspected for imperfections before we package for shipping. In our process errors in manufacturing do happen and those are deemed “seconds”. We have divided them up into two categories. 

Grade A

20% Discount

Imperfections  will not effect the outside surface casting. This can include either a surface imperfection on the inside, a imperfection on the exterior of the mold, or inclusion we know won't effect the outcome. Have some aging molds for castings you sell, this is an option for you. 

Grade B

35% Discount

Potential small imperfection on the casting surface. These molds have issues we aren't sure will be a problem, so we pull them. This can be tiny bubbles that should not effect the casting surface or an inclusion that we can feel beneath the surface. 

All of our 6 in Tulip seconds will be sold in Grade B. We do not recommend purchasing these mold without casing frames.

Casting Frames

Our seconds will ship without a casting frame. We are doing this for those current customers that have frames already but might need to replace aging molds, while still offering the lowest price possible.

Want a casting frame, we will have a limited number for purchase with the molds(also seconds). Must purchase a mold in that size or shape to qualify. We design our molds to be casted with a support frame. Any mold over 4" it is highly recommended you have a casting frame. For the 6", a must.