Silicone Shrinking

We use high quality platinum cure silicone. The silicone is rated with a library life of 20+ years. While we use the highest quality materials the physical life of the mold depends on how you use it and how often. If you are planning on heavy use, casing multiple times a day in production with our molds, please know your silicone molds are consumable items and will age over time.

The first signs of age you will begin to see is shrinking off your mold. Your castings will be dimensionally smaller and smaller. It will happen over time and does not render your mold unusable. If you are using our molds for raw goods production you will need to determine what your own threshold will be. Generally you can expect 100+ castings, but again it is dependent on medium used and care.

If you are a hobby user or producing items for sale, washing with warm soapy water after each use will elongate the life of your mold.