The Modern Craft Labs Difference

Polished Edge TM


We are adding a feature to our molds that will help you cast and create a clean visible edge on your castings. Molds with the Polished Edge feature have a slight edge on the bottom to give you a cast finished, clean and polished edge when your casting is sitting on the table. Tips for success when working with our molds with Polished Edge. When pouring your mold with this feature ensure you pour just to the polished edge so you have less sanding on your finished product. Most of the molds with this feature have 1mm edge allowance but some molds might have more. 

Casting Frames

When we designed the first shape, Tulip, in 2019 we found that when casting with concrete on the larger sizes(over 3") it was very common to have a misshapen round opening and why casting frames were a must. Since we had another adjustment in 2023, making the frames shorter. Pouring the medium with the casting frames on eliminated the chance for partially cured concrete to misshapen the vessel by being moved.