Understanding our Candle Reference Chart

We published our candle reference chart so those wishing to use our molds to make candle jars will be able to determine the mold that will work best for their needs. We want to explain how to best use our chart to determine the amount of your wax that will fit into a casting from our molds. 

All measurements are by volume. Water is more dense than wax. Most candle wax is only 82% – 95% as dense as water, with an average of 86%. So if you are just starting out and have no idea, you can multiple our fl oz measurement by 86%(an average) to get the best idea on what wax weight the mold might hold. 

We have a few different measurements on our chart. 

Total volume 

This means you are filling the wax to the top, without any reveal. Shown here in our popular Tulip™ shape, the wax fills to the beginning of our curved edge top. 

Silicone Candle Mold size

If you were looking at a straight top mold, like our candle jar molds, the fill like would be to the true top. 

With 1/4" reveal 

The edge of the wax sits 1/4" below the top, to allow for a wick. The light pink area in the picture below measures 1/4 inch. 


Per 1/8"  

If you are using a lid and want to have a certain amount of wax sitting below the lid top, this will help you determine that volume.

The 3" Lid has a 1/4" drop. If you subtract the volume for 3/8" from the total volume, you will get a volume with a 1/8" reveal below the lid top.